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Latest Alan the Hedgehog Campaign

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The Al-liance

Welcome to the home of The Al-liance.

The Al-liance is an alignment of like-minded organisations, who are not only helping to improve things for us hedgehogs, but they also help me and my friends when we are hurt or injured.

We are all working together to make the messages needed reach further and help more and more hedgehogs in the process.

Below you can find more information on all of the members of The Al-liance - have a look, you might find your local hog helpers!

HART Wildlife Rescue

HART Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity which runs a wildlife hospital in North East Hampshire.

Run entirely on donations they provide a rescue, treatment and rehabilitation service for wildlife from all over Hampshire and surrounding counties.

Hedgehogs 4 Legs

HART also gives advice to vets, the RSPCA and members of the public from all over the country, as well as providing talks and work experience opportunities for students.

As a founder member of The Al-liance, Hart and I joined forces to save this little Hart Hog - isn't she cute!

Vale Wildlife Rescue

Vale Wildlife Hospital started life in 1984 in Caroline's (the founder) family home, in the village of Cropthorne in Worcestershire.

Although she had always had an interest in animals, she'd never really given any thought to the difficulties that wild animals encounter when their paths cross with ours. However, everything changed the day a local vet contacted her to ask if she would look after an injured tawny owl that had been taken to his practice.

Currently celebrating their 30th anniversary, having made it through many trials and tribulations, Vale continues to serve the local wildlife that runs in to man-made (and of course natural) issues with unwaning care and attention.

Hedgehog Bottom

Hedgehog Bottom is a hospital and rescue for sick and injured hedgehogs. It is a small charity taking in approximately 700 sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs each year. We cover all of Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire and East Wiltshire. We never turn an animal away that needs our help unless we can find a more suitable alternative.

Although we are often busy with our patients we do what we can to educate the public about these wonderful creatures that are in severe decline. We provide telephone assistance and advice to callers from all over the world. Our education programme includes, a Facebook page and a comprehensive web site.

Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. As Shropshire's only 24/7 rescue centre they have provided immediate care and first aid in Much Wenlock since 1990, steadily growing over the years with purpose built facilities to meet the needs of any wildlife casualty.

They aim to; rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned wild animals, whilst advancing the education of the public in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife. They also undertake research and assist others in the field of wildlife rehabilitation.

Each year Cuan admit approximately 2,000 wildlife casualties. Once recovered, creatures are always returned to the wild.

Lancashire Hedgehog Care

Lancashire Hedgehog Care provides hospital facilities and rescue, treatment and rehabilitation services to relieve the suffering and distress of sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, with the aim to rehabilitate them once fit and healthy back into the wild.

The Rescue Centre is located in Poulton-le-Fylde in North West Lancashire. It was set up back in 1993 to try and help the countless hedgehogs that are being injured and maimed through close contact with humans. This is mainly due to loss of their natural habitat as we continue to build on our ever-diminishing countryside.

Founder Janis says "We need to educate the public on the damage we are causing and protect our vulnerable wildlife"

Little Silver Hedgehog Rescue

Emma Kate Farley has been running a small hedgehog rescue in York for the past two years whilst also working full time at the National Railway Museum. She has cared for and released over 40 hedgehogs in that time and cares for them in hutches in her garage. When they are big enough, they are released into outdoor runs in the garden before their full return to the wild.

Emma also makes silver jewellery to support her rescue centre and combine her two loves of crafts and hedgehogs.

Emma sells her jewellery on etsy -

Riverside Animal Centre

The Riverside Animal Centre Wildlife Unit centre opened in Beddington Park, Wallington, 17 years ago, in what was then a run down, disused council depot. During this time, a dedicated, caring team of staff and volunteers have given a vital second chance to well over 50,000 animals in need of help. Some of their main achievements include:

Treating victims of road accidents, attacks by dogs and cats, and even a hog with his head stuck in a bottle

Hand rearing more than 1000 hedgehog urchins (babies)

Turning the derelict depot into a first class Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Through open days, events and educational work, they've talked with tens of thousands of people about the need to help our wildlife

Would you like to get involved?

If you are a wildlife help organisation and would like to get involved as part of The Al-liance, please email me via the link in the footer.

If you are a wildlife fenatic and would like to get involved in helping wildlife yourself, the The Al-liance members are happy to help! Just send me some basic details (email via footer) and the appropriate person/people will respond accordingly.

Thanks a bunch, Alan X X