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Latest Alan the Hedgehog Campaign

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Want to know what's going on in Alan's world? Then look no further! Click below for all the latest news.

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Latest Alan the Hedgehog Campaign

Latest Campaign

Find news on campaigns here! Learn to be a HOG HERO - 10 little steps to make a big difference to the lives of us hedgehogs.... Become a Hog Hero today!

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Alan the Hedgehog - The Shop

Alan the Hedgehog

Hello Alan fans! Thanks for visiting my website, and for your interest in my shop. There's not too much here just yet, but I'm taking my time sourcing special things, from special people!

All sales will help to support hog charities up and down the country, so thank you in advance!

Watch this space....

Alan the Hedgehog Wine Coaster

Alan Fine Wine Coaster

It's me, I'm on a coaster!! Not only am I on a coaster, but when you're enjoying your wine, hopefully this cheeky little number will remind you to enjoy us hedgehogs too.

9cm x 9cm, just in case you're interested. Only 6 available so if you would like one, please act fast!

  • £2.95
  • (+ £1.25 postage & packing)

Hedgehog Bottom

Wonderful Wooden Hedgehog

This adorable little wooden hog is lovingly hand-crafted in Sheffield.

It starts life as a lump of waste wood, but then is expertly turned, sanded and polished to create this cute crafted creature.

As these are handmade, if you would like to order one of these little lovelies, please send me an email (via the link in the footer)

  • £5.95 (+ postage)

Comfy Cushion

Alan the Hedgehog

A bespoke cushion featuring yours truly!

These cushions are custom-made, not mass produced, and can even be personalised if you desire.

Would you like different colours to match your decor? I'm sure we can manage that!

£18.95 (+ postage and packing) - please email via link in footer if interested.

Prickly Picture

Alan the Hedgehog

In a white box-frame, this is a 3D layered picture.

This one is me heading off round the bend on a nightly foray, but I know the illustrator, so you can pretty much have what you would like.

Each one is hand-drawn, and finished personally and again, can be personalised if desired.

If you would like to know more about any of these items, please send me an email and we can discuss an order.

Thanks again for your interest, and please come back soon!

Thanks a bunch, Alan x x

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