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The Al-liance

Hedgehog help organisations working together, with me, to help spread much needed messages far and wide!

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Find news on campaigns here! Learn to be a HOG HERO - 10 little steps to make a big difference to the lives of us hedgehogs.... Become a Hog Hero today!

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Welcome to the home of all the Alan the Hedgehog Headlines!

We'll keep posting updates on this very page to let you know what else is happening in the world of Alan.

Alan the Hedgehog - The Al-liance

30/01/2015 - Hedgehog Helpers.... Unite!

New for 2105, Alan the Hedgehog is joining forces with organisations up and down the country that are helping and supporting hedgehogs (and other wildlife).

Throughout the year Alan will be teaming up with like-minded hedgehog help organisations and charities to further the important messages that need to be spread in order to help try and stop the decline of hedgehogs.

Every year thousands of hedgehogs are hurt, injured or ill and Al-liance members are on the front line helping to nurse the hogs back to health. But it's not an easy thing to do by any means - most are voluntary organisations so are reliant on the support and generosity of people like you!

Please visit The Al-liance page for more details.

Old News

22/12/2014 - Hedgehogs Still Need Christmas Care...

Whilst you are readying yourselves for Christmas, some hedgehogs are still trying desperately trying to ready themselves for hibernation, to avoid the worst of the winter weather.

Alan's latest poster 'Twas the night before Xmas' is a twist on the old favourite poem that seeks to highlight the issues some hogs still face whilst you prepare for your festive feast.

Visit the posters page to view, download and print.

11/11/2014 - Little Hogs Still Need Love!

It's late in the year but there are still plenty of late litter hoglets trying desperately to put on weight for the winter, and to allow them to safely hibernate.

If you're ever going to put food out to help hedgehogs, now would be one of the best times!

If small hogs don't get enough food, they might not make it through the winter - SIZE MATTERS!

Alan the Hedgehog

15/04/2014 - Hogging the Limelight...

You may have already seen my appearance on the promotional poster for the upcoming Celebration of the Hedgehog in Ross-on-Wye, but if you haven't, i'll add it here soon.

The celebration is taking place from the 26th of April 2014 to the 18th of May 2014, and is a festival of all things hedgehog taking place in the place dubbed 'Land of the Hedgehog' many years ago.

Rumours are rife that there might even be a little appearance from yours truly.... (although how true that is remains to be seen). If you fancy a day out, why not visit this beautiful part of the country, and lend your support to us hogs!

Alan the Hedgehog

09/04/2014 - #HogHero Part 5, Set to Arrive...

The 5th and final #HogHero poster will be coming very soon!

This completes the ten step campaign, and like each of the other 4 posters, there are key lessons to learn that will help you to help us hogs!

If you are following me on Facebook and/or Twitter, please share and retweet to help spread the message.

Thanks a bunch for your support, Alan x x