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Helping Hedgehogs

Helping Hedgehogs

There are so many things you can do to help us hedgehogs!


If you see one of us out during the day, it's likely we're not very well - please take us in and put us somewhere warm, quiet, safe and dry. A high-sided cardboard box is ideal as we'll feel safer if we're not out in the open. Please also ensure we have access to food and water.

Although you may want to take photos and show your friends, please give poorly hogs some privacy, as all those phone flashes may cause stress. Use the internet to find and contact your nearest hedgehog rescue centre, and they will let you know what to do next. If there's not a rescue near you, your local vets will assist.

Don't forget we're spikey chaps so you'll be best wearing some gloves and handling with care! If we're upset we may also bite - please don't take it personally.

Take Care in Your Garden

Take care when strimming and mowing longer grass - there may be a hog taking a nap, or a poorly hedgehog taking a breather. Although a healthy hog will move away, and ill one may not have the energy to outrun the mower!

Say No To Slug Pellets - there are chemicals within which can make us ill. Even if we don't eat the pellets themselves, eating a freshly poisoned slug can pass the toxins into our bodies.

Let us in!

Please ensure you have gaps and holes that allow us into your garden. We can't scale tall walls and fences, so a hog hole or even a tunnel will allow us to forage in as many locations as possible. You can leave enough tasty treats and water for a hedgehog feast, but unless me and my friends can reach it, another animal will just claim it.

Spread the Word

You may be a big fan of me and my hedgehog friends, but a lot of people you know may not have as much knowledge of hedgehogs. Therefore, why not tell your friends and family about the perils facing hedgehogs, and how they can help us. Perhaps they too can become a HOG HERO!

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