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Hedgehog Information

Hedgucation (for the Nation!)

Welcome to the Hedgucation pages of my site.

The following pages are packed full of hedgehog information - what we look like, what we sound like, what we do; from feeding to breeding, sleeping to snuffling - anything you want to know about us hedgehogs*

But first, I feel I need to explain the term Hedgucation - simply it’s Hedgehog Education. One of the most important things needed to help us hedgehogs is for people to understand us, what we do and how we live, BUT, more importantly what the issues are that we face, and how YOU can help - become hedgucated - Hedgucation for the Nation!!

Hedgehog Information

Now, back to the hedgehog information….

We're one of Great Britain's most well-loved and recognisable animals - that could be down to our cuteness or perhaps our cunning defence strategy. We're prickly little critters who sound like another well-known farm animal (hence our name!)

Helping hedgehogs has never been so important so please read on and hedgucate yourself.

*I don’t profess to know everything or just might have missed something, so if there is something you can’t find the answer to please do not hestitate to contact me and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks a bunch, Alan X X