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Hedgehog help organisations working together, with me, to help spread much needed messages far and wide!

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Hedgehog Houses

Alan the Hedgehog

Naturally us hedgehogs will make our homes in a variety of places including; the bases of plants and bushes, piles of sticks, old logs, tree roots, hedges etc.

What we look for is a warm, dry, quiet and safe place to spend the day that can keep us out of the rain, cold and clutches of things that might hurt us.

In areas that humans live in or use, often natural houses are a lot more difficult to find. If we can't find a home, we can't stick around so will move on to other places. You can help by giving us a home!

There are plenty of ways you can give us a home (by knowing or not!); piles of sticks (just like a bonfire, just don't set it on fire!), underneath sheds, upturned items (like large pots or buckets). However, one of the best things you can do is actually build us a purpose-built house!

Here are some house making basics:

  1. Only use natural wood (no MDF, chipboard, plywood etc)
  2. Don't use wood treatment or creosote on the wood
  3. Don't use glue when putting the house together
  4. Give it an entrance tunnel (to make it safer and warmer)
  5. Make sure it's as weather-proof as possible
Alan the Hedgehog

A good house is a box around 30cm wide x 40cm long, and 30cm high. It should have an entrance hole about 13cm x 13cm, and a lid to cover it (30cm x 40cm).

An entrance tunnel is also an excellent addition as that helps to keep us safer - 13cm x 13cm, just like the entrance hole, and then about 30cm long.

There's more to come on this subject to give you more details on how to go about doing this for us, there's also a fact sheet to come too, so you can print it off and make us a hog house for your garden!

Why not get creative?! As long as it follows the basics, why not get as creative as you like! Send me pictures of your hog houses!