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Latest Alan the Hedgehog Campaign

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Want to know what's going on in Alan's world? Then look no further! Click below for all the latest news.

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Latest Alan the Hedgehog Campaign

Latest Campaign

Find news on campaigns here! Learn to be a HOG HERO - 10 little steps to make a big difference to the lives of us hedgehogs.... Become a Hog Hero today!

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All About Alan the Hedgehog

About Alan the Hedgehog

Alan is a happy go lucky hedgehog who spends his days wandering gardens, parks, woods and fields in search of his next meal! He's a cheeky chappy who sneaks through your hedge, and scuttles across your lawn, and right past your front door!

He's most recognisable for his dapper red bow-tie and shiny blue shoes - he always likes to look at his best, even when he's snuffling in the mud for a nice juicy treat..

He also appears in many posters and publications to hedgucate people about the issues that hedgehogs are facing. To learn more about hedgehogs and the problems they are facing, please visit the Hedgucation pages.

Alan - The Concept

About Alan the Hedgehog

Alan is a loveable character whose main purpose is to hedgucate people about the issues that hedgehogs are facing.

Many of these issues are man-made, and so if we make the problems, we need to solve the problems - Alan is here to tell us what we need to do.

He does this currently through a number of different means; awareness and hedgucation posters and social media, but the intention for the future is to create more items including colouring books, activities, apps and story books to ensure Alan is available whenever you want him

Looking further forward the intention is to twin hegucation with education, providing dual learning for our nations children - watch this space!

Alan the Hedgehog - The Al-liance Logo

The Al-liance

The purpose of The Al-liance is for Alan to work together with organisations who are helping wildlife and especially hedgehogs.

For the messages that we all want and need to spread, we are joining together to utilise our communication channels to and energy to spread them further and further, reaching more and more people, and hopefully getting them to act positively to help nature.

For more on The Al-liance click here.