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Alan the Hedgehog - The Al-liance

The Al-liance

Hedgehog help organisations working together, with me, to help spread much needed messages far and wide!

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Want to know what's going on in Alan's world? Then look no further! Click below for all the latest news.

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Latest Alan the Hedgehog Campaign

Latest Campaign

Find news on campaigns here! Learn to be a HOG HERO - 10 little steps to make a big difference to the lives of us hedgehogs.... Become a Hog Hero today!

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Welcome To The Home of Alan The Hedgehog

Alan the Hedgehog

When was the last time you saw a hedgehog (apart from one of the unfortunate ones you see at the side of the road...)? Scuttling across a garden, sniffing around a veg patch, nipping in to a hedgerow, or rolling into a ball?

My name is Alan, and my friends and I are becoming more and more rare, and now we need your help! I'm here to hedgucate you all about the issues that we hedgehogs are facing, and to highlight some of the things that are contributing to our continuing decline.

This site provides loads of information, illustrations and resources to help you help hedgehogs, but better still, there are a number of books coming soon that the whole family can read and enjoy. These stories are about me and my friends and the problems we face: from close encounters with dangerous dogs, to daring drinks when the weather is really dry - there are so many things that are part of your normal life that cause us potentially dangerous problems - please read on and become Hedgucated!!!

Alan Awareness Posters

Please feel free to download and print my awareness posters and put them up so as many people as possible can see them! The more people who see them, the more people we can hedgucate about the problems us hedgehogs are facing.

If you want to see more posters please select from the menu at the top of the page.